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“Welcome To Alarms Are Us Provide Smart Alarm System for Home”

Our Features

We guarantee our customers that we will serve them in the best manner. We manage everything and take proper care of all the security needs. It is essential to make proper arrangements and contact the right company for the installation of alarm system for the home.

A Few Advantages That You Get

Access Control Alarm

Would you like to know who is coming in and out of your home or business? The Verisure Alarm makes it easy for you to check your staff’s schedules or your family’s comings and goings. Simply assign a smart key to each user and you can easily control who accesses your home or business and when.

Best-in-Industry Professional Monitoring

With our application, you can monitor your property 24 hours.

The ARC “Alarm Receiving Centre” for our Verisure alarm is ARC Gold approved by NSI, the National Security Inspectorate. 

Power Outage Protection

With the power outage protection, you are assured of the best degree of protection.


24/7 Professional Monitoring, Image Verification and Police Notification

You will get 24/7 swift, professional monitoring, Image and Audio Verification,  Police Notification as well as Guard Response feature.

On-the-Go Mobile Control

No matter wherever you are; with our mobile application, stay connected and in control. You can activate or deactivate your alarm, check which users have entered or left the building, make photo-requests, etc. You can manage your system wherever you are in the world – the power is in your hands.

Photo Detectors take photographs for further evaluation

Verisure Photo Detectors will start taking photos as the intruder breaks into your home or business. These photographs are automatically sent to our Alarm Receiving Centre for evaluation.


What We Offer?

Alarms for your Home

Alarms Are Us recommend Verisure Alarm systems because they offer the best protection for your home and business security. Let the professionals take care of your security and that of your loved ones 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Alarms for your Business

Safeguard the security of your business with Verisure Alarm systems. You will have the most advanced technology and service with over 20 years’ experience at your disposal.

Response within 45 seconds

When an alarm is triggered, our NSI approved Alarm Receiving Centre will respond in an average time of 45 seconds. We will then evaluate the situation and activate our Security Alarm Protocol when needed.

Control your alarm with your mobile

With My Verisure App you can be in control of your security from anywhere in the world. The app allows you to activate and deactivate the alarm and to see and hear what goes on inside of your home or business.

SOS Button for emergencies

Using the SOS button of a Alarm Are Us LTD System you can ask for help in case of emergency. We will call a Security Guard, the Fire Brigade or an Ambulance whenever it is needed.

Lifelong Warranty and Maintenance

All our Alarm System devices have a lifelong warranty. We also provide a 24 h technical assistance to ensure that your alarm is always in perfect condition.

24/7 Technical Service

As an Alarm Are Us LTD customer, you can benefit from a technical backup service 24 hours a day.

Guard response

If an intrusion or emergency is verified, we will send a Security Guard to your property.


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Total Control From Anywhere in the World

With the mobile application, our customers can easily view from their security camera system or control their Smart Alarm System from anywhere in the world. The application can be used in smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

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