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Top 6 Areas To Help YOU Get Ahead on YOUR HOME SECURITY

Security Steps To Teach Your Children

Would you like to Equip Your Children with the Tools they need in case of an emergency?

We Cover 6 Basic Steps All children should know.

Questions to ask Your Security Advisor

Would you like to know what the current trends are and how to check if your home security is up to date? After all, as technology evolves, so do our burglars, would you not want to stay at least 1 step ahead of them?

What To Do In The Case of a Break In

This is never something we want to experience, however the reality is at some point in our lives we will. Would you like to make sure that if an when this happens you know the best steps to take? After all, Many people panic, don’t take the correct steps and end up not only having to deal with the devastating impact of a burglary, but also end up losing out on claiming for the loss they incurred too due to not following the correct process in the aftermath.

Our 13 Top Home Security Tips

We will give you the Top 13 things to consider when securing your home for added peace of mind.

From external observations to internal basic habits that put you and your family at risk.

We also give you the 15 most common opportunities burglars look for and the main entry points you should look at protecting.


Safety Advice From Metro Bank

We cover things like protecting your valuables – CASH, JEWELRY, SENTIMENTAL ITEMS

Why Safety Deposit Boxes, cancelling your bank cards, ATM Withdrawal Limits etc, how you can prevent someone using your identity


Advice From Allied Loss Assessors on what to do before calling your insurance.

Advice from Secure Home Security on Locksmiths

Who to call if you have been affected by crime

Where to check your local areas true Statistics



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