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Smart Alarm System for Home

Ignoring the security of your home these days is not idle. It is essential to make proper arrangements and contact the right company for the installation of smart alarm system for the home. Alarms Are Us is one of the renowned company for home alarms systems and even provide the right business security system solutions.

We guarantee our customers that we will serve them in the best manner. We manage everything and take proper care of all the security needs. The points that make us better than the other companies is that we not only offer installation and repairing service of the alarm security system. You can also buy standard and quality products from us at a reasonable price. Everything products of ours come with the warranty. We value clients’ money and make sure not a single penny gets wasted.

We are serving customers for over a decade. We know very well what customer expect from the security company. We manage everything accordingly. So don’t worry about safety and security once you hire us

What are our missions?

Our mission is one to provide customers with the solutions that are perfect according to the property needs. We offer customized service to our respected clients. The rates are also suitable. Moreover, you can connect the whole system with a mobile app. In this way, you can keep on every activity happening in your home with the help of your smartphone or laptop.


Why many people are choosing Alarms Are Us for home alarm?

  • No need to take any more stress about ongoing contracts

Why spend a lot of money on the security equipment’s every month that you don’t own? After some time, the cost becomes a burden that you unable to handle. At the time you hire us for the service, you get maintenance fee safety solutions. The security system we installed at your property belongs to you. So, you don’t have to pay the price again and again, nor you get unpleasant surprises. The best part is that at the time you plane to relocate the house, you can take the whole system with you.

  • Advanced technology

The advancement comes in the technology is unimaginable. Many may not know about it, but we assure you that our system is in the best in the UK market. Few may think that it is a bold statement, but we are quite confident that no one can match our levels. The wireless system is designed in a manner that no criminal can pass through it. In other words, it is criminally unfriendly. The system of our stays owns even if the power supply is cut off due to any reasons. Isn’t that impressive?

  • You get complete control

We firmly believe that the whole system must be under the control of a client. It is because no one knows better than them what their security needs are? During the installation, our workers make sure that the system is set up in a manner which is perfect for you and your family needs.

  • Pet Friendly

There are times when you have to leave the pet back home due to some reasons. At that time, you cannot take a risk or hire someone to take care of it, as it will cost you a lot. Here, relying on your security system is the best. You have complete access to the system. Also, you can watch everything all the time. So, you don’t have to worry about the safety of your pets.

Reach out to us today!

Your security matter to us a lot. It is the reason we offer our service 24/7. Yes, we are available for the clients all the times. If there is an emergency or intrusion, we will send trained security guards at your home to handle the situation.
Moreover, if you are looking for free quotes before hiring our service, there is no need to contact some other firm. We provide this facility too. Visit our website, fill a short form and get price estimation within seconds.


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