Cyber attacks are up 660% since the lockdown and that makes us all so much more vulnerable.

Here are some great tips for securing your work devices while working from home.


I did an interview with a local Cybersecurity expert who lives in Harrow and consults for various government organisations on the basic threats we are all facing at home now that we are all working from home.

He shares some really easy and simple ways to improve your home cybersecurity.

I am working on several others to bring people access to real simple actionable tips for personal and business purposes.

Wishing you all a safe and healthy week.

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How working from home has opened the door to hackers and what You Can do about it!

Simple things you can do right now without being a tech genius to protect your data.

– Examples of the kind of new threats that are appearing and that you need to be aware of.

About our guest:

Francis West is the CEO of Westtek Ltd and more recently of Security Everywhere.


The son of a Brigadier in The South African Police Service, and has served in the South African Army himself, Francis has been trained to be alert and aware of dangers at all times and he uses this skill in his personal mission to educate and protect over 1 million people from cyberattacks by 2023.

He does this through webinars and events and the advanced cyber-security solutions offered by Security Everywhere.

As a business owner and father, Francis has first-hand experience in the damage that an unconscious click can do, either by your employees or even your child connected to your home Wi-Fi.

Watch and Learn as Francis unpacks Cyber threats and shows us how simple it is to improve our own security in a few simple steps.

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