Your postcode ranks as the 2nd most likely to be burgled out of 48
Your postcode ranks as the 2nd MOST LIKELY TO BE BURGLED

WHAT! Find out what Money Supermarket says about your area & how we can help.

According to Money Supermaket HA7 postcode ranks as the 2nd most likely to be burgled out of 48.
Nearby, W12 least likely to make a claim, while NW11 is the most likely.

What do they say about your Postcode? See below

Reformed burglar Michael Fraser – who’s appeared on BBC’s Beat the Burglar series says: “Burglars are opportunistic thieves, they’re looking for a weakness in your home security & they will take advantage.

Anything you can do to secure your property & make it less attractive to the burglars is a real good thing.”

Burglar alarms, window locks, & signs about forensic marking, Neighbourhood Watch membership & smart home security systems are all good deterrents. source: Money Supermarket

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